Les Miserables 2012

Les Miserables … Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway.

A disappointingly non-visual film, Les Misérables has no scale and could be the filming of a stage version. The camera is always too close on the actors, with the effect that there’s more bombast felt than true emotion. Cohen and Bonham-Carter spike the interest. Crowe looks like he’s being punished.


The Impossible


The most visceral experience in recent cinematic memory, The Impossible’s title could refer to its achieving a 12A, or your ability to stomach the gore. Made like a horror, you no longer have to imagine what a tsunami is like. Popular criticisms of a white-wash are without context and unfair.

Jack Reacher


There is infinite scope for parody in Jack Reacher, but despite an anticlimax and the thoroughly uncomfortable proposition of Tom Cruise being the moral centre of the universe, the film deserves props for an incredibly tense opening sequence, and for being otherwise enjoyable in every single way Taken 2 wasn’t.