Trance film still

Predictably, for mysteries of this ilk, little about Trance, a London-set film that looks as though most of it was filmed on a soundstage, actually makes sense.  An exercise in why pubic hair should never be a plot point, it’s as sexy and sophisticated as a 90s Shannon Tweed thriller.


Dark Skies


The producers of Insidious and Sinister remake Poltergeist AGAIN only this time the nasties are remixed as aliens attracted to, naturally, the youngest of an everyday American family. There are creepy moments and enough interesting side detail to keep you entertained but it’s probably time for a new idea, guys.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2


TTS:BD-P2 (!!!) even bungles its delivery of what the series had sorely lacked – a decent fight – by making it a that-didn’t-actually-happen-though premonition. Highly unsatisfactory, it’s as though they’re embarrassed to commit to anything less than banality. One is at a loss as regards the CGI baby. “The best one”.

Oz the Great and Powerful


An odd mix of Disney fairy tale, Burton nightmare and indeed Raimian horror, OTGAP nevertheless works: Franco is absolutely the man you might have imagined the wizard to have formerly been – and everyone else (except Weisz) is campily spot-on – while the production design is simply gorgeous. Well done.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Some surprising plot developments aren’t given enough room to feel anything other than weirdly inappropriate, and it’s just too incredible to imagine 3 people not recognising ‘Heroes’ by Bowie, but TPOBAW is otherwise a strong, touching coming-of-age tale aided no small amount by beautiful performances, most notably by Logan Lerman.