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The Place Beyond the Pines




Like Blue ValentineTPBTP is a tale of two halves – one hopeful, one bleak – but in this world life is unfair and the halves uneven. Moving hastily to cover too much story, the film isn’t always convincing, but it is surprising. Cianfrance has a classic in him somewhere.





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4 responses to “The Place Beyond the Pines

  1. Shu Wen ⋅

    True- I wasn’t entirely convinced by the storyline; but the acting was excellent, as were the cinematography and the soundtrack. Can’t wait to watch Gosling’s collaboration with Nicolas Refn for ‘Only God Forgives’; if that delivers, the Gosling-Refn pairing will be like a Depp-Burton partnership (which hopefully won’t get too old)

    • Absolutely with you on that – Only God Forgives looks amazing. And added Kristin Scott Thomas! We’re being spoiled.

      • Shu Wen ⋅

        Oh you replied! I didn’t see this way earlier but I JUST re-watched Drive again and god it’s such a good film- Gosling, the soundtrack, cinematography, everything (forgot how I violent it was though). Now I really can’t wait to see Only God Forgives

      • I just saw Only God Forgives in France. Review to follow…

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