Going the Distance

Going the Distance

Agreeably sweary, GTD is most fun when just hanging out with its infinitely likeable leads, rather than when it wheels out the trope-y “best friend” guys, tries its hand at Friends-like situational gags, or gives way to the usual rom-com plot machinations. Pity that early po-mo stuff didn’t hang around.


In the House


Superbly and simply designed, ITH is Ozon’s best work yet, a sophisticated, erudite study in composing fiction that touches on dark themes of voyeurism and manipulation, but balances it with humorous repartee. It is a film for anyone that is into writing, or reading, or watching films, or loving stories.



Lovelace at times zips along too quickly and wraps up too suddenly, but the Rashomon-style rewinding of events offers a considered, sensitive and often brutal perspective on the circumstances surrounding the eponymous porn star’s defining talent, and the roll call of famous faces filling out peripheral roles is consistently fun.



The opening crash in Flight is nail-biting, but this brilliant set-up gives way to a dull, meandering addiction drama, with Denzel Washington, the actor everyone likes without knowing why, overcooking the drunk shtick, for your consideration. The tone’s all over the place. John Goodman’s owed about 200% more screen time.

Man on a Ledge


Pity MOAL. For although it is not exactly dreadful – who doesn’t enjoy a concept so high it’s basically off its tits – but for all that it tries to win you with ludicrous logic, boob shots and an affable devotion to cliché, it never manages to be more than slightly interesting.