This is the End


This is the End takes a diamond concept – several of-the-moment stoner-ish actors play themselves as the apocalypse hits – and mauls it to death with uncharismatic performances by somehow unlikable leads, cameos that go nowhere (thanks for stopping by Rihanna) and an extended rape gag that makes you want to die.


Interior. Leather Bar


Stupid, pointless, err, ‘wanky’…Interior. Leather Bar could have been all these things but is (almost) none, providing, against all odds, satisfying intellectual purpose for everything it does, and even, surprisingly and playfully, mixes in meta-fictional elements to much better effect than Franco’s other 2013 po-mo project, This is the End.

August: Osage County


A bit of a stage-y, act-y film, this, and in that regard somewhat enjoyable, but story-wise the central family is, almost to a (wo)man, intensely unlikeable, with the few who aren’t mean or spiteful still blithely disrespectful to ‘the help’, or ill-served by lurid plot twists that ring slightly false.