This is the End


This is the End takes a diamond concept – several of-the-moment stoner-ish actors play themselves as the apocalypse hits – and mauls it to death with uncharismatic performances by somehow unlikable leads, cameos that go nowhere (thanks for stopping by Rihanna) and an extended rape gag that makes you want to die.


The Bling Ring


In the story of shallow, disaffected LA teens brazenly burglarising their idols to the boom of MIA and Sleigh Bells, The Bling Ring may represent the perfect Sofia Coppola film. That it offers few surprises is to be expected. That it is nevertheless darkly, sniggeringly, entertaining perhaps even more so.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower


Some surprising plot developments aren’t given enough room to feel anything other than weirdly inappropriate, and it’s just too incredible to imagine 3 people not recognising ‘Heroes’ by Bowie, but TPOBAW is otherwise a strong, touching coming-of-age tale aided no small amount by beautiful performances, most notably by Logan Lerman.